The joy of the minors

Back in July, Mary Jo and I took a quick road trip (2 1/2 hours) up to a place we had stopped in once before: Greenville, SC. We needed to knock out a Marriott night to keep our points active. And, heck, a little weekend getaway is something we all should do more often. Right?… Continue reading The joy of the minors

Scenes from my bulletin board

I have covered one auto racing event in my career. I expect that will be the only one I ever will. And that would be just fine with me. I have never, ever, felt so in-over-my-head on an assignment as I did on Race Day at the Daytona 500 in 2001. I spent most of that week… Continue reading Scenes from my bulletin board


In the five or six or seven years that my friend Lloyd and I played basketball together, we covered each other, by my ultra-conservative count, 500 times. At least once on each day we played, which was usually twice a week, most weeks of the year. Inside, outside, on the blacktop courts at the middle… Continue reading Lloyd

Rhy … thm

In golf, as in much of just general, everyday, running-around life, rhythm is important. Rhythm is critical. Rhythm, to paraphrase an old Steve Martin gag, is. Ever. Y. ... Thing. I was on the driving range last week, getting ready for my annual golf outing with my brothers, and I was struggling with my swing.… Continue reading Rhy … thm

Sitting down, standing up

Before a few weeks ago, my wife, aware as she is about the world around her, did not know Colin Kaepernick from Capper Collarnick. That probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I don't know who Capper Collarnick is, either. Still. Stick with me. My wife had never heard of Colin Kaepernick until, for reasons he has made clear enough,… Continue reading Sitting down, standing up

That’s a wrap

Some quickie thoughts to finish up the NBA season. And remember, a list is just a column without transitions: Anderson Varejao: That poor son of a gun. Spent 12+ years with the hapless Cavaliers, including 31 games earlier this season. Traded away, lands with the defending champion Warriors ... who lose to the Cavaliers in… Continue reading That’s a wrap