About JDB

Hey. Welcome to the blog.

Here I’ll write about sports, which is what I’ve done on and off for long enough now that I can count it in decades. I’ll also spew forth about growing up, and life in the suburbs, and raising a kid, and marriage and dogs and travel and getting older, all of which I know something about. I may even think of something else.

For background’s sake, here is some biographical information. In a list, because lists and blogs go together:

Everything I’ve done in my life (in accelerating chronological order)

  • Born in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Lived in Middletown, Delaware
  • Broke my arm falling out of a tree
  • Raised in Willow Grove, Delaware
  • Went hitless in an entire season of Little League baseball
  • Played saxophone
  • Seventh man on my six-man high school golf team
  • Graduated from Caesar Rodney High School
  • Worked at Nichols Discount City in Dover, Delaware
  • Got on a plane, for the first time, at age 19, to go to school in Arizona
  • Learned to drink beer
  • Went to occasional classes
  • Learned, after some trial and error, not to drink too much beer
  • Discovered, really, fully, that women are not like men
  • Fell into sports writing: First assignment, Scottsdale Pee Wee football
  • Graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in journalism
  • Moved in with my brother in Kaneohe, Hawaii
  • Moved to Guam, for my first newspaper gig (The Pacific Daily News)
  • Moved to Pensacola, Florida (The Pensacola News-Journal)
  • Covered my first professional game (at the New Orleans Superdome)
  • Covered my first college football game (Florida State at Nebraska)
  • Broke my arm playing basketball
  • Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio (The Cincinnati Post)
  • Re-discovered the mysteries of women
  • Assigned to my first professional sports beat (the Cincinnati Bengals)
  • Again with the women, this time in a good way
  • Moved to Columbus, Ohio
  • Quickly moved from Columbus to Marietta, Georgia (CNNSI.com and, later, SI.com)
  • Became the father of a 9 pound, 15 ounce boy
  • Discovered my first gray hair
  • Moved to a cul de sac in a quiet subdivision in Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Assigned to my first national professional beat (Major League Baseball)
  • Tried my hand at “managing” writers (NBA.com)
  • Still moving

So, now you’re caught up.

I might’ve missed something. I’ll fill in the blanks in this blog.

— John Donovan
Alpharetta, Georgia
April 2015

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