Our Times

These times that we live in -- these, right here, right now -- are extraordinary, aren't they? I'm old enough (quiet, already!) to have lived through a half-dozen wars, a president being assassinated (c'mon, I was a baby), a couple of other ones being shot at, the first moon landing, the fall of the Berlin… Continue reading Our Times

Lyrical: Ed Sheeran

Let me first point out that, despite what my brothers sometimes say, I am not a 14-year-old girl. Demographically, I belong with those girls in Ed Sheeran's fan club about as much as he belongs in mine. That little misconception -- the one about me being a teen girl -- might be understandable, considering my… Continue reading Lyrical: Ed Sheeran

Quarantine Reflections

Years from now, when we're squeezed hip-to-hip into a stadium somewhere, or we're side-shouldering our way through a party, or jammed into a vestibule waiting to be seated at a noisy restaurant, these past few months will be little more than a gauzy, annoying tic in our collective minds, to be brushed away and left… Continue reading Quarantine Reflections


This week, in a normal world, I'd be throwing my sticks into the back of the car, snagging the biggest Coke Zero I could wrap my fingers around, and motoring off toward South Carolina and my annual golf trip with my brothers. We've recently established, though -- by we, I mean everybody -- that this… Continue reading Whifffff

Moving On

We churn along in this endless cycle, waking up, zombie-ing through the days, eating, sleeping, repeating, repeating, repeating ... (Wait a second. I've been told -- by my partner in pandemic, my compatriot in Covid circumvention, the disease-dodging doyenne of the Donovan-DiLonardo household ((my wife, Mary Jo)) -- that my posts during this coronavirus lockdown… Continue reading Moving On

25 Years Inside the Internet

Anniversaries always provide a convenient time to reflect, especially so now that we're all trapped helplessly inside our homes while a fricking virus ravages the world outside. Sorry. Venting. Won't happen again. Positive thoughts, everybody. Positive. While trying to keep from going hair-ripping, batguano crazy recently -- I usually do this by researching and writing… Continue reading 25 Years Inside the Internet