Upon Further Review

Nobody does anything anymore without first checking the reviews. Whether it's watching a movie on Netflix or buying a hammer at the hardware store, you're practically obligated in this era of instantaneous thumbs-up and thumbs-down to see what other people think first, before you act. Even if those people have an axe to grind. Or… Continue reading Upon Further Review

Something Old, Nothing New

I often wonder whether, as sometimes seems obvious, we live in truly horrible times, times unlike any others ever seen. The worst of times. The absolute worst. Or I wonder (and, admittedly, this is a real possibility) if that kind of thinking is just the grumpy old bastard in me raising his bumpy old head.… Continue reading Something Old, Nothing New

The End is Near

Pretty much every morning, for the past two years, the First Amendment champions at The New York Times have kept us up to date on the grim totals of the pandemic with all manner of charts and graphs and statistics. In the 21st century business of journalism, this is known as "data journalism:" the gathering,… Continue reading The End is Near

Poor, Poor Me

When I was in my late teens, sittin' around waitin' for my life to begin (while, as Springsteen sings, "it was all just slippin' away"), I wrecked the family car. Drove it off a country road not far from our house on the way to taking my little brother to some kind of music practice.… Continue reading Poor, Poor Me

Cincinnati … Super Bowl

The cold at Paul Brown Stadium that winter day, as I sat there shoulder-to-shoulder in utter climate shock, was the kind that instantly stiffens muscles and sinks so deeply into bones that it takes months to ooze out. Every exhale, every scream from the hardened crowd produced a cloud. Applause, when there was any, was… Continue reading Cincinnati … Super Bowl

Remember When Movies Were Good?

Probably 15 minutes or so into one of the latest Netflix blockbusters, a satirical hammer to the skull about disasters that human beings so blithely and comically ignore -- ha! climate change, ha! silly politicians, ha! the pitfalls of sudden fame, ha! a comet destroying Earth, ha! we're such dunderheads -- I knew that we… Continue reading Remember When Movies Were Good?