Movietime: Jojo Rabbit

Sometimes these things come out of nowhere, don't they? A killer movie. An awesome song. A rousing book. A good joke. When we don't see them coming, they can pack a wallop, you know? When we don't see them coming, we don't have expectations. No "spoilers" to sidestep. No critics to listen to. I had… Continue reading Movietime: Jojo Rabbit

Home, Cooking

It's a beautiful spring day in north Georgia. Mid 60s. Low humidity. That tree in my front yard is starting to bloom. The neighbors' cherry tree is bursting into its full glory. We go for a walk. A kid in flip-flops flies by on his bike. Two carpenters working on a neighbor's porch pack up… Continue reading Home, Cooking

The Road Ahead

Some of the words being flung around in mid-March 2020 -- historic, surreal, unprecedented, social distancing -- don't nearly, can't nearly, convey what a whacked-out world this suddenly has become. When at some point we look back on this period, in a few months or a few years, many of us probably will settle on… Continue reading The Road Ahead

Lessons From a Friend

Artie was, from the very start all those long years ago, something else. That's what we'd say about him, swinging our heads when he was out of earshot: "That guy's something else." We regarded Artie with a combination of bemusement and wonder, poking at him to see how he'd react, laughing and recoiling in equal… Continue reading Lessons From a Friend

Courage and Conviction

You know, if it didn't involve bundling up and venturing out into public streets, and holding some hand-scribbled placard up for hours on end -- and then possibly running headlong into a bunch of wild-eyed, deaf, screaming lunatics in red hats -- I would totally be into protest. I mean, I have a conscience. I… Continue reading Courage and Conviction

They Call it a Miracle

At the end of just about every NFL game, with about five minutes remaining, the sweaty, mustard-stained denizens of the press box are escorted down to the playing field. This is not, much as it might seem to some, a perk for the hard-working men and women of the fourth estate. It's not an attempt… Continue reading They Call it a Miracle