Looking To Twenty-One

We're in the final hour, if I've timed this right, of the most memorable, awful, scary, weird, frustrating, infuriating year of our lives. Midnight absolutely can't get here soon enough. Springsteen warns about that kind of thinking, about rooting on tomorrow to come while missing out on today: My soul checked out missing as I… Continue reading Looking To Twenty-One

Lyrical: O.P., Again

Lyrical is a series on music in our lives A sane person, to stay sane, has to have, as a general rule, a place to escape once in a while. A little corner for a self-imposed timeout from time to time. A spot to crawl into and pull the figurative -- or real, if that's… Continue reading Lyrical: O.P., Again

What to Think

Of all the numbers bombarding us in 2020 -- and 2020 has been nothing if not one ceaseless bombardment of sad statistics -- we should remember, more than any of them, 72+ million. In years ahead, when we finally have a chance to breathe freely, to eat out with no fear, to hug and shake… Continue reading What to Think

Give Us A Break

At some time around 3 o'clock in the morning on November 9, 2016, I sat stone-stunned awake at home, like many of us, thinking that I might never sleep again. I was thinking of my wife and my son, and of Hillary Clinton, and of the tens of millions of people who had just voted… Continue reading Give Us A Break

A Trip

Road trips, once long ago in my flat, dusty Delaware boyhood, held a special, almost spiritual promise. Getting away -- to the beach, to the mountains, on vacation, to Arizona as a young man, just anywhere, really -- was everything to me. It was the stuff of Springsteen (Together we can break this trap/We'll run… Continue reading A Trip

Six Weeks Out

Side-stepping the septic tank that is American politics these days is nearly impossible. You can pretend not to notice its existence, you can try to whistle your way past a lot of the stink and unpleasantness, but basically ignoring what's going on in this world, in this country, right here, right now ... well, in… Continue reading Six Weeks Out