This week, in a normal world, I'd be throwing my sticks into the back of the car, snagging the biggest Coke Zero I could wrap my fingers around, and motoring off toward South Carolina and my annual golf trip with my brothers. We've recently established, though -- by we, I mean everybody -- that this… Continue reading Whifffff

Moving On

We churn along in this endless cycle, waking up, zombie-ing through the days, eating, sleeping, repeating, repeating, repeating ... (Wait a second. I've been told -- by my partner in pandemic, my compatriot in Covid circumvention, the disease-dodging doyenne of the Donovan-DiLonardo household ((my wife, Mary Jo)) -- that my posts during this coronavirus lockdown… Continue reading Moving On

25 Years Inside the Internet

Anniversaries always provide a convenient time to reflect, especially so now that we're all trapped helplessly inside our homes while a fricking virus ravages the world outside. Sorry. Venting. Won't happen again. Positive thoughts, everybody. Positive. While trying to keep from going hair-ripping, batguano crazy recently -- I usually do this by researching and writing… Continue reading 25 Years Inside the Internet


The last time I had a meal out -- man, if I'd have known that at the time -- was on the afternoon of March 7. It was a $3 double cheeseburger deal (double cheeseburger, small fries, bottomless Coke Zero) at Burger King, wolfed down on the way to the hardware store a few miles… Continue reading Monotonous

Our House

We have been house-hunting for what seems like years now. Looking for that Next Stop on our life's tour. Dreaming of a somewhat smaller, quite a bit cooler place, in a hip town a little farther from the cul de sac and suburban sprawl that we've been mired in -- happily, I will say, but… Continue reading Our House

Movietime: Jojo Rabbit

Sometimes these things come out of nowhere, don't they? A killer movie. An awesome song. A rousing book. A good joke. When we don't see them coming, they can pack a wallop, you know? When we don't see them coming, we don't have expectations. No "spoilers" to sidestep. No critics to listen to. I had… Continue reading Movietime: Jojo Rabbit