On Jekyll

A few weeks ago, for the first time in my 22 years living in Georgia -- I have been here now longer, by a good bit, than I've been anywhere, and have stayed in this house on this cul de sac in Alpharetta longer than in any single place, including the big red house in… Continue reading On Jekyll

The Biggest of Dreams

It was almost 11 o'clock at night in Willow Grove, Delaware, when Neil Armstrong, in glorious black and white right there on the little TV in my parents' bedroom, made his way down the ladder of some spider-looking contraption and stepped onto the moon for all our world to see. That was 50 years ago… Continue reading The Biggest of Dreams

2020 is Coming!

At some point -- I guess it's this point -- I'm going to have to start in on the 2020 election. I'm going to have to make a little tag for the posts I'll write (as I did for the 2016 election), and then I'm going to work myself into a froth and have to… Continue reading 2020 is Coming!

A New Look, an Old Hook

A few weeks ago, JDB earned a new paint job. The site is more than four years old now, and even if it's not exactly well-worn -- even if, thankyouverymuch, the posts are sometimes as sporadic as the author is spastic -- it probably needs a new look. The blogging platform that I use, WordPress,… Continue reading A New Look, an Old Hook

On the Job

A year or so ago, for a yawningly routine service story I was hacking out for WebMD, I interviewed a dentist about what people do wrong when they brush their teeth. Hey. It's a (partial) living. This is how it went: We all know what we mess up when it comes to brushing. We do… Continue reading On the Job

Rant500: Baby, It’s Cold Inside

A new category, where I whine on for 500 words about something or other: We all make concessions to age. Whether you're 30 and decide to give up Sonic the Hedgehog or you're 50 and give up on 21 year olds, at some point as we creak along and the world around us continues to… Continue reading Rant500: Baby, It’s Cold Inside