Scenes from my bulletin board

In 1984 or ’85, I was in Hong Kong. It was a British colony then. I went while I was living in Guam.

I was only in Hong Kong for a few days, a little side junket on a longer trip to Japan. (Hey, when you’re in that area of the world, you get in what you can get in.) I remember the city as big, bright, exciting, exotic. I remember a ride on the Star Ferry, some huge prawns at a dinner, the suicidal trip into the city in a cab from the airport.  I remember the stunning view from Victoria Peak. I’d love to go back some day.

(What I don’t remember — what I did with the photos I took.)

This penny, I guess you’d call it, has stayed with me, for some reason, for the past 30+ years. It now sits wedged into the bottom left corner of my bulletin board.

It almost certainly is not worth the paper it’s printed on.


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