They Call it a Miracle

At the end of just about every NFL game, with about five minutes remaining, the sweaty, mustard-stained denizens of the press box are escorted down to the playing field. This is not, much as it might seem to some, a perk for the hard-working men and women of the fourth estate. It's not an attempt… Continue reading They Call it a Miracle

Driving me nuts

My annual golf weekend with my brothers is officially in the record books. Officially: Most curse words on one hole. Most pathetic shots out of one sand trap. Most trees abused by mishit golf balls. Biggest slice on an impossibly high drive. Most 7s on one nine. Most 3-foot putts missed. Highest frustration level. Ever.… Continue reading Driving me nuts

Scenes from my bulletin board: Being Perfect

From our start, we struggle with the idea of being perfect. We are taught that "practice makes perfect," but that "nobody's perfect." Philosophers tell us, wisely -- they're not philosophers for nothing -- that "perfect is the enemy of the good." Yet the pursuit of perfection is widely expected. It's considered noble. Nobody aims to… Continue reading Scenes from my bulletin board: Being Perfect

The problem with baseball

My grandmother had a thick, green strip of grass in her back yard, in front of a yellowing garage that, far as I know, she never used. When the lawn reached its lushest -- sometime between June and September -- I'd drag one of my brothers out there with a glove and a ball, and… Continue reading The problem with baseball

Super Atlanta

Almost 20 years have passed since The City Too Busy to Hate last hosted The Big Game. But it's happening again. The Super Bowl is coming to Atlanta.In a sobering, unavoidable, undeniable fact, the Super Bowl -- brace yourself, COTNS -- already is here. Tom Brady rolled into town over the weekend. The team that the Patriots… Continue reading Super Atlanta

The problem with football

Several years ago, journalists at The Washington Post loosed their considerable investigative resources onto the world of pro football. The dogged scribes there weren't digging into Deflategate or drug problems or skinflinty millionaire owners or brain injuries or men in too-tight pants who like to punch women in their off-hours. They were instead breaking down… Continue reading The problem with football