The Next Stop Tour: ???

We’re stuck. For now.

We’ve been looking for a new place to live, or at least a new place to check out to live, for some time now. But it’s been a bit of a slog recently. Not only finding a place. But finding a place to check out.

Most of Florida is too hot. Most of South Carolina is too rednecky. North Carolina is probably a little hicky, too, and as you start heading northward, we’re talking winter. (And, of course, right now both of the Carolinas are under water. Don’t think that hasn’t made us think a little …)

There’s a line there — I’m not sure where, but it’s somewhere around North Carolina — that we’re just not willing to cross.

The Midwest, though we have family there, is over that line, too. Plus, it’s the Midwest. It’s only literally a move up.

We could head west, of course — I think the West, as a place, is great, specifically the Southwest — but we’re giving up a beach there, probably. The Gulf Coast of Texas has never appealed. But maybe we should check it out. I don’t know.

California? I could probably live there. I like the weather, the lifestyle, the idea. Mary Jo probably couldn’t. The cost of living in Cali, certainly, is something we both can agree on. It sucks.

We’re stuck. We want to go. Yet we want to stay, for at least a while, ’cause the boy still has two years in school here. Or more.

We want a change. Change, I think, is good. But change, I think we all know, can be hard, too. And we understand we have it pretty good as it is.

So, for now, we stay. In a house way bigger than we need, with a mortgage way easy to handle.

We’re not near the beach … but we’re not near the snow. We’re not in a cool little college town, which is something we’ve talked about. But we’re not in a not-cool town. Alpharetta is up and coming. A lot of people, it should be said, are moving here.

Still, we’ve been in the house for coming close to 15 years. It’s in the middle of a sometimes seemingly soulless suburbia.

But it sure is convenient.

Unless you’re headed downtown.

We know where everything is around here, which is cool. But it does kind of limit the joy of discovery.

So, where are we now? Do we start to compromise? Do we just up and move to get out of this big house, somewhere in the Atlanta area (because, again, the boy is gonna be here for at least a couple more years) and then move again after he graduates? Does that make sense? Financial and otherwise? It might. It might not.

Then again, what even is the Atlanta area? There’s a place up in the North Georgia mountains called Big Canoe. We’ve thought about it. We’ll check it out.

Maybe? Maybe. I don’t know.

South of Atlanta? We’ve never considered, because that’s awful close to South Georgia, which makes South Carolina look absolutely progressive. But should we look? Probably. Maybe. I don’t know.

We have to do something. Don’t we? I think we do. But when? Now? By the end of the year? In 2019?

So, again, where are we?

Still here. For now.

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