Six Weeks Out

Side-stepping the septic tank that is American politics these days is nearly impossible. You can pretend not to notice its existence, you can try to whistle your way past a lot of the stink and unpleasantness, but basically ignoring what's going on in this world, in this country, right here, right now ... well, in… Continue reading Six Weeks Out

The Art of Eating In

Napkins, I have come to learn over the past few months, are the secret to a good in-vehicle eating experience. Tons of them. As many as the hard-working masked woman (maybe man?) at the little window behind the Plexiglas shield will hand over. The sad fact is, you can't not make at least a little… Continue reading The Art of Eating In

Everybody’s Mad

Four months into the coronavirus crisis, and four tortuous months until the next presidential election, I'm beginning to wonder whether we'll make it to next weekend. Every day, every hour, every fricking minute these days is a slog. Everything is a battle. Everybody's mad. Whaddya say -- just spitballing here -- that we all self-isolate… Continue reading Everybody’s Mad

Our Times

These times that we live in -- these, right here, right now -- are extraordinary, aren't they? I'm old enough (quiet, already!) to have lived through a half-dozen wars, a president being assassinated (c'mon, I was a baby), a couple of other ones being shot at, the first moon landing, the fall of the Berlin… Continue reading Our Times


This week, in a normal world, I'd be throwing my sticks into the back of the car, snagging the biggest Coke Zero I could wrap my fingers around, and motoring off toward South Carolina and my annual golf trip with my brothers. We've recently established, though -- by we, I mean everybody -- that this… Continue reading Whifffff

Moving On

We churn along in this endless cycle, waking up, zombie-ing through the days, eating, sleeping, repeating, repeating, repeating ... (Wait a second. I've been told -- by my partner in pandemic, my compatriot in Covid circumvention, the disease-dodging doyenne of the Donovan-DiLonardo household ((my wife, Mary Jo)) -- that my posts during this coronavirus lockdown… Continue reading Moving On