Upon Further Review

Nobody does anything anymore without first checking the reviews. Whether it's watching a movie on Netflix or buying a hammer at the hardware store, you're practically obligated in this era of instantaneous thumbs-up and thumbs-down to see what other people think first, before you act. Even if those people have an axe to grind. Or… Continue reading Upon Further Review

Something Old, Nothing New

I often wonder whether, as sometimes seems obvious, we live in truly horrible times, times unlike any others ever seen. The worst of times. The absolute worst. Or I wonder (and, admittedly, this is a real possibility) if that kind of thinking is just the grumpy old bastard in me raising his bumpy old head.… Continue reading Something Old, Nothing New

Poor, Poor Me

When I was in my late teens, sittin' around waitin' for my life to begin (while, as Springsteen sings, "it was all just slippin' away"), I wrecked the family car. Drove it off a country road not far from our house on the way to taking my little brother to some kind of music practice.… Continue reading Poor, Poor Me

If At First …

During my first semester of college, in between learning to catch a screaming frisbee behind my back (I should have been in class) and drinking unfathomable amounts of beer (I probably should have been studying), I wandered through a slightly advanced English class -- trust me, it wasn't that advanced -- in which I was… Continue reading If At First …

That Time

One late July day in 1999, months after the end to another spectacular season in his Hall of Fame career and just weeks before he was to report back to Detroit for his 11th year in pro football, Barry Sanders fired off a fax (remember those?) to his hometown newspaper (remember those?). "Today," Sanders wrote,… Continue reading That Time

On Masks and Freedom

Like the proverbial pair of gloves in a hockey fight, like the wheels on my so-called golf game, like the peeling paint on the back deck and that famed dress at an after-prom party (so I've been told), the masks are coming off. Some 15 months after we all were forced behind our cloth shields… Continue reading On Masks and Freedom