Lyrical: Taylor Swift

And you call me up again just to break me like a promise So casually cruel in the name of being honest -- All Too Well, Taylor Swift OK, clearly, Taylor Swift is not for me, right? I probably have no business listening to someone who teenage girls get. How could I, a past upper-middle-aged… Continue reading Lyrical: Taylor Swift

Recycling, Again

When you live anywhere for any length of time, you accumulate. We've been in our house now for 16 years or so, just for an example, and there's not a closet, a nook, a cranny, a cabinet, not a single corner of our unfinished basement that doesn't have something stuffed into it. And that something,… Continue reading Recycling, Again

How to Read

After years of having our local newspaper slung onto the driveway every morning, we recently made the decision, finally, to stop it. We're still getting our Atlanta Journal-Constitution every day. But it's in digital-only form from here on out, so we can read it on our laptops (because we don't sit in front of those… Continue reading How to Read

A Right to Health_Care

A great debate now rages in the Democratic party about health care and health insurance and what rights America should grant its citizens, if any, to ensure that if we fall ill or are injured, we won't have to worry that the exorbitant costs of care will lead us to early graves. Or dump us… Continue reading A Right to Health_Care

Into the Great Unknown

Retirement always has been some sort of faraway concept to me, a fuzzy dream that may or may not contain beaches, golf, exotic vacations, lounging around in various stages of undress with your still-hot, always smiling spouse, and lots of time to volunteer, to read and to work on projects that you never really found… Continue reading Into the Great Unknown

What’s Up with This? This is a cheap post, I'll admit. No revelations, no rants, no dug-up family memories in this one. Sometimes, you just discover things on the internet that you have to share. I'd never seen the Saturday Night Live sketch "What Up With That?" until recently. I long ago stopped watching SNL live because, you… Continue reading What’s Up with This?