25 Years Inside the Internet

Anniversaries always provide a convenient time to reflect, especially so now that we're all trapped helplessly inside our homes while a fricking virus ravages the world outside. Sorry. Venting. Won't happen again. Positive thoughts, everybody. Positive. While trying to keep from going hair-ripping, batguano crazy recently -- I usually do this by researching and writing… Continue reading 25 Years Inside the Internet


The last time I had a meal out -- man, if I'd have known that at the time -- was on the afternoon of March 7. It was a $3 double cheeseburger deal (double cheeseburger, small fries, bottomless Coke Zero) at Burger King, wolfed down on the way to the hardware store a few miles… Continue reading Monotonous

Our House

We have been house-hunting for what seems like years now. Looking for that Next Stop on our life's tour. Dreaming of a somewhat smaller, quite a bit cooler place, in a hip town a little farther from the cul de sac and suburban sprawl that we've been mired in -- happily, I will say, but… Continue reading Our House

Home, Cooking

It's a beautiful spring day in north Georgia. Mid 60s. Low humidity. That tree in my front yard is starting to bloom. The neighbors' cherry tree is bursting into its full glory. We go for a walk. A kid in flip-flops flies by on his bike. Two carpenters working on a neighbor's porch pack up… Continue reading Home, Cooking

The Road Ahead

Some of the words being flung around in mid-March 2020 -- historic, surreal, unprecedented, social distancing -- don't nearly, can't nearly, convey what a whacked-out world this suddenly has become. When at some point we look back on this period, in a few months or a few years, many of us probably will settle on… Continue reading The Road Ahead

Lessons From a Friend

Artie was, from the very start all those long years ago, something else. That's what we'd say about him, swinging our heads when he was out of earshot: "That guy's something else." We regarded Artie with a combination of bemusement and wonder, poking at him to see how he'd react, laughing and recoiling in equal… Continue reading Lessons From a Friend