Leave the Driving to Them

At the end of next week, Mary Jo, Luke and I will be making our 22nd straight Christmas drive to Cincinnati, the third time Mary Jo and I have made the trip this year. That ride, let me tell you, is not getting any shorter. From our home in the northern Atlanta suburbs, it takes… Continue reading Leave the Driving to Them

Wood Work

Sometime around 2003 -- I'm pretty sure it was 2003 -- our still-young family left our little house in a wooded suburb of northern Atlanta looking for a little more space, a little better neighborhood and a little more tree cover. Trees are one of the best things about the Atlanta area. Really. Anyone who… Continue reading Wood Work

Eye Eye, Matey

Other than the chest-cracking I went through about four years ago -- eh, nothing to it -- I have not spent much time in my life around doctors itching to improve their scalpel skills. But as sometimes happens with a man of my particular maturity (read that like Liam Neeson), you can't avoid these things forever. So here… Continue reading Eye Eye, Matey

It’s Still a Zoo Out There

When Luke was a little kid -- that kid is coming up on 22 any day now -- our family, like lots of families, tromped through our share of requisite trips to the local zoo. It's a parental rite of passage. A kid's prime zoo-going years are somewhere between 2-12, I'd guess, though it might… Continue reading It’s Still a Zoo Out There

Lyrical: Taylor Swift

And you call me up again just to break me like a promise So casually cruel in the name of being honest -- All Too Well, Taylor Swift OK, clearly, Taylor Swift is not for me, right? I probably have no business listening to someone who teenage girls get. How could I, a past upper-middle-aged… Continue reading Lyrical: Taylor Swift

Recycling, Again

When you live anywhere for any length of time, you accumulate. We've been in our house now for 16 years or so, just for an example, and there's not a closet, a nook, a cranny, a cabinet, not a single corner of our unfinished basement that doesn't have something stuffed into it. And that something,… Continue reading Recycling, Again