The Joy$ of Owning a Home

An electrician, a very friendly Southern gentleman with a twang as thick as Stone Mountain, is poking around the wiring on our deck right now, trying to ascertain why a couple outlets there don't work and why the fan runs, at top speed, about as fast as I do. Down in our basement, a basement… Continue reading The Joy$ of Owning a Home

Our House

We have been house-hunting for what seems like years now. Looking for that Next Stop on our life's tour. Dreaming of a somewhat smaller, quite a bit cooler place, in a hip town a little farther from the cul de sac and suburban sprawl that we've been mired in -- happily, I will say, but… Continue reading Our House

On Jekyll

A few weeks ago, for the first time in my 22 years living in Georgia -- I have been here now longer, by a good bit, than I've been anywhere, and have stayed in this house on this cul de sac in Alpharetta longer than in any single place, including the big red house in… Continue reading On Jekyll

The Next Stop Tour: ??? We're stuck. For now. We've been looking for a new place to live, or at least a new place to check out to live, for some time now. But it's been a bit of a slog recently. Not only finding a place. But finding a place to check out. Most of Florida is too… Continue reading The Next Stop Tour: ???

Planning and unplanning

We are off to our annual family vacation shortly. I can't tell you when, the internet police tell me, or someone will come and loot the house. Eat the leftover brownies. Get crumbs all over the seat cushions while snarfing down free Netflix. We're off then, shortly, for a week to beautiful (we hear), relaxing… Continue reading Planning and unplanning

The Next Stop Tour: Hilton Head Island, SC

For some reason, Hilton Head Island, just off the southern tip of South Carolina and just north of Savannah, Georgia, is a vacation nirvana among the people of Cincinnati. You see Salty Dog t-shirts all over the place in the Queen City. You see Ohio license plates all over HHI. It's weird, considering the two… Continue reading The Next Stop Tour: Hilton Head Island, SC