Nice to be wanted

OK, I realize this might be getting a little obnoxious, so I’ll keep this short.

[See above]

So that’s good, right? Another very good school, this one in a pretty cool place. [We visited a few months ago.] Truth be told: If Luke doesn’t get into Georgia Tech, this might be my top choice.

My top choice. If. Maybe. I’m not sure.

But probably not his or his mom’s.

UT-logoUT is more expensive than Purdue or Clemson or some other places that we haven’t heard from yet … it’s farther away than most of the places he’s applied … it’s hot, and Luke claims he likes cold better* … it’s an awfully big school, body-wise … hey, we’re No. 1 (because we’ll take anyone!) … and did I mention UT is pretty far away? That’s a big one.

* Luke says he likes cold weather. He’s never lived anywhere other than Georgia. His outfit of choice is a t-shirt, basketball shorts and sneakers. The most snow he’s ever seen in one place is a couple of inches, maybe, in Cincinnati at Christmas. My point: Luke says he likes cold. Luke does not know cold.

So Austin might still be a long shot. But it is an option, and as I’ve said before here, options are good.

This acceptance wasn’t supposed to come yet, but Mary Jo found some back way into the UT computer system — a hacker’s heart, I swear — and came up with the word. So, there we stand. In at UT, Purdue, Mines and Clemson.

Still waiting on MIT, Illinois, North Carolina State and Tech. And then the decision.

Nice to have options, sure. But all those options can make that decision a little more difficult.

I’ll keep you posted. Obnoxious is me.

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