One week in

We didn't cry. Well, we didn't cry a lot. And here we are, a week  into our empty nest, still mostly dry-eyed. We're still all right. Thanks for asking. It's not as if everything suddenly screeched to a dead-silent halt around here, either. Luke's still the topic of the day. It is, after all, his first week of college.… Continue reading One week in

Words to the boy

I've spent the past few weeks -- well, honestly, it's been a lot longer than that -- thinking about what to say to the boy when we drive him downtown to his dorm Thursday afternoon, unload an SUV full of clothes and electronics and turn around to come home without him. This is a big deal, this… Continue reading Words to the boy

Thirteen weeks (three months)

Yesterday marked three months. Thirteen weeks, if you're counting that way. But three months, from Jan. 21 to April 21. I am healed. From cracked open and splayed all about to wired shut and ready to go. In 13 weeks. Amazing, isn't it? When you're down, physically, sometimes it's impossible to imagine being up again.… Continue reading Thirteen weeks (three months)

Hitting home

[deep breath] [nervous laughter] [mind wandering wildly] OK. So this thing, as the kids say these days, just got real. We had an appointment today, Mary Jo and I, with a heart surgeon. (If you need background, it's here.) And after an hour stoning him with questions about valve replacement and surgeries and second opinions and timing and drugs… Continue reading Hitting home


Well, this won't be the last post about college and Luke, but there's this: He's in. We picked Luke up from a robotics competition at Georgia Tech about 11:30 yesterday, drove over to an outstanding pizza joint (Antico) off the north edge of campus, saw it had a line out the door and instead sidetracked to… Continue reading In

Twenty sixteen

Some years just seem more momentous than others. Just so happens, 2015 was not one of them. It's not as if '15 was totally forgettable. I jumped out of the comforting bosom of corporate America into the vast nothingness of freelance space. It's the first time I wasn't answering to a boss in some 30… Continue reading Twenty sixteen