Good eats

And then there’s this about California, too.

We limited ourselves to two In-N-Outs while we were there, one just outside the airport in San Francisco (hey, we couldn’t wait) and one in Atascadero, on the 101 just north of San Luis Obispo.

(By the way … it’s San LOUIS Obispo, not San LOUIE Obispo, I’m told. Did not know that.)

These may not be the best burgers and fries around — that, in many’s eyes, is close to blasphemous — but they are easily Top 5. Luke and I went with the double-double. Mary Jo, as is her way, went with a plain burger (ketchup only, please). This was taken in Atascadero. We splurged on chocolate shakes that time around.

Every city has a good burger joint or 50 nowadays. But to get something fresh, with the fries made right there, and to get it under $10 apiece … that’s almost unheard of. (A burger, an enormous fries and a small drink at Five Guys, for instance, will put you back more than $12 in Atlanta. And Five Guys is not In-N-Out.)

Anyway, our trips to California aren’t complete without a stop here. Or two.

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