Spring in Atlanta

This is a great time of year in Atlanta. Dogwoods, cherry trees, azaleas — everything is blooming. The humidity is low, the air clear, the temperature is starting to climb a little. Just beautiful.

I took this shot a week or so ago, just outside the house. This tree (I’m going to call it a cherry blossom, though that’s only a bad guess) is in our neighbors’ yard. It won’t stay pink for long. It’s starting to turn green already.  But at this time of year throughout the city, you can see pinks and purples and yellows and reds … it really is pretty special.

In a couple weeks, I’ll post a closeup of my jelly eyes, too. Red, rheumy, puffy. Brutal. Happens every year at this time. They are the inevitable byproduct of all this pollen floating around. Tons of it. So thick that you can literally scrape it up with a spoon. Literally. Honest.

So stick around for that photo. It promises to be considerably less beautiful than this one.

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