This is 2020

Some years, before they ever really begin, simply feel more weighty. They portend something momentous. They promise the life-altering. This is what 2020 brings. This could be -- it just feels like -- a big one. Every year, to be certain, has its milestones and its speed bumps. 2019 was like that. 2019 was all… Continue reading This is 2020

Eye Eye, Matey

Other than the chest-cracking I went through about four years ago -- eh, nothing to it -- I have not spent much time in my life around doctors itching to improve their scalpel skills. But as sometimes happens with a man of my particular maturity (read that like Liam Neeson), you can't avoid these things forever. So here… Continue reading Eye Eye, Matey

A Right to Health_Care

A great debate now rages in the Democratic party about health care and health insurance and what rights America should grant its citizens, if any, to ensure that if we fall ill or are injured, we won't have to worry that the exorbitant costs of care will lead us to early graves. Or dump us… Continue reading A Right to Health_Care

It’s just not healthy

When you're young and invincible, which I'm pretty sure I once was, health insurance sits on your "List of Things to Consider ... Someday," slightly below stashing cash into a 401k and way above picking out a burial plot. I'm young! I'm invincible! I've never spent a day in the hospital in my life! It's… Continue reading It’s just not healthy

An ode to 10,000

The whole idea of 10,000 steps, as it's understood among the health conscious, evidently originated in Japan in the 1960s with something called manpo-kei. I'd like to report that manpo-kei has some deep, inscrutable meaning -- he who walks well moves like the dragonfly; or, with each step a life is enriched in 10,000 ways. But near as… Continue reading An ode to 10,000

Hoops dreams

At 9:14 a.m. last Friday, by the clock on the wall of the main court at the Alpharetta Community Center, I hoisted my first 3-pointer in a good six months. If not particularly good, it's been a long six months, anyway. I'm not saying the shot went in. OK, I will say it. It didn't go… Continue reading Hoops dreams