Getting away

As I’ve written before, vacations are important. My parents taught us that from the get-go, with camping trips to the Skyline Drive, a memorable couple weeks to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada and a semi-exotic trip (then) to a strange and wondrous place called Atlanta.

We’ve tried, likewise, to get Luke out a lot. We’ve been to Hawaii a couple times, to California more than that, to Arizona and Texas and to spots all over the South and Midwest. To Italy one summer. But one place we’d never taken him to was the Pacific Northwest.

So a few weeks ago, we decided we’d do that for his last vacation before college (he starts in about 10 days or so). Considering we were leaving behind a stretch of three straight weeks in the 90s in the ATL, it looked like a good choice.

We started in Seattle, a place I haven’t been in at least a decade, and drove up to Vancouver and Whistler, BC. We spent a few days there, came back over the border and hiked a little in North Cascades National Park. Then we went the other way into the islands off Washington and called it a trip.

It worked. The days were a little hotter than we expected. A lot of walking proved pretty exhausting. We ended up in a pretty skeezy hotel one night. But, all in all, we got away. We breathed. We didn’t turn on the TV once, we talked a lot, we avoided cul de sacs and Kohl’s and Target.

Yep. Mom and Dad were right.

(Click on the gallery for a slideshow with the complete captions.)

2 thoughts on “Getting away

  1. Great post, John. Brought back some memories of PEI, Stone Mountain and Hurricane Agnes (VA in ’72. I thought tents were supposed to keep the rain OUT!)
    Family looks great, especially you! Happy to see you back up and around.
    Brother Dave


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