P is for possibilities

An update: Friday, a few weeks after he finished his last college application, Luke got his first acceptance.

We knew the word was coming down at about 5 p.m. ET. Luke wasn’t going to get home until after the football game that night, and Mary Jo wasn’t about to wait until then. So she jumped on the email and started refreshing.

I, of course, playing cool about the whole thing, stood over Mary Jo’s shoulder.

The first hint of the decision came through an account he had at the school. (You have to have these accounts to submit grades and letters and the application and all that.) Then, a few minutes after 5, the official email (above) popped in.

All is good.

Purdue is not his first choice. Georgia Tech is. But we won’t hear from Tech until Jan. 9.

Until then, he has Purdue. And Purdue is a really good school. There are all sorts of ways to rank colleges. Some better than others. But a widely accepted one is the U.S. News & World Report rankings. Purdue, among engineering schools where a doctorate is offered, is No. 9 in the country.

Luke, Mary Jo and I visited Purdue in 2014 while on a trip up to Cincinnati. We liked it enough. It didn’t blow us away, but we liked it enough that Luke and I were going to stop there for a quickie second look on our way home after visiting Illinois earlier this year.

Unfortunately, I was navigating on the leg between Urbana-Champaign and Indianapolis, and we blew right past the exit on I-74. It was snowing. Windy as hell. Cold.

My bad, OK? If we need to go visit West Lafayette again, we will.

Anyway, we figure the Colorado School of Mines — not a high choice, but Luke loved Denver — is next. And GT after that.

We’ll let you know what happens.

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