Saturday scribing

One of the side effects of freelancing — and I’ll do a whole post on that, soon, considering freelancing seems to be my work, at least for now — is the occasional odd deadline. And that means, too often, a late night or weekend.

Now, you don’t have to take the work if the deadline sucks. It’s your choice. That’s a freelancing plus.

But, then, you don’t get paid. A minus.

Effect/side effect.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting on different ways to change things up when I’m working late or on weekends. I’ll grab the laptop and head down to the porch once in a while, sit on the couch out there and enjoy the semi-outdoors while I’m pounding away. It’s getting cooler here in Georgia in late August. The humidity is starting to back off some. So the screened-in back porch is a nice alternative.

That’s where I was Saturday afternoon, working on a piece for WebMD, when I took the picture above.

It’s hell on my posture. But it beats the hell out of a real office.

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