Start Me Up

Just a few years ago, I was here on the night this video was taken.


Later on tonight, I will be here. (That’s Bobby Dodd Stadium, on the campus of Georgia Tech, in downtown Atlanta.)

bobbydoddSeeing the same band. Just a few years apart.

That first one, as I remember, was my first big stadium show. This one, I know, will be Luke’s first big stadium show.

But, yeah. Same band.

Funny, eh?

One thought on “Start Me Up

  1. […] I went to see them once when I was in college, at a big stadium show, in what I thought, surely, had to be their Goodbye Tour. But that was probably more curiosity than anything. They were in their 40s at the time. They had been at it for 20 years or something. What rock ‘n roll band lasts 20 years? […]


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