A New Look, an Old Hook

A few weeks ago, JDB earned a new paint job. The site is more than four years old now, and even if it's not exactly well-worn -- even if, thankyouverymuch, the posts are sometimes as sporadic as the author is spastic -- it probably needs a new look. The blogging platform that I use, WordPress,… Continue reading A New Look, an Old Hook

On the Job

A year or so ago, for a yawningly routine service story I was hacking out for WebMD, I interviewed a dentist about what people do wrong when they brush their teeth. Hey. It's a (partial) living. This is how it went: We all know what we mess up when it comes to brushing. We do… Continue reading On the Job

Her Way

Last fall ... I've been at this for a few weeks now. I still don't know where to start. I don't know where to go. I've written 2,500 words and trashed them all. I've started and stopped and started and screamed and given up a dozen times. I'm struggling for perspective. I'm trying to be… Continue reading Her Way

Scenes from my bulletin board: Being Perfect

From our start, we struggle with the idea of being perfect. We are taught that "practice makes perfect," but that "nobody's perfect." Philosophers tell us, wisely -- they're not philosophers for nothing -- that "perfect is the enemy of the good." Yet the pursuit of perfection is widely expected. It's considered noble. Nobody aims to… Continue reading Scenes from my bulletin board: Being Perfect

Another kind of vacation

We're not getting a full-fledged summer vacation this year. No Utah. No Maine. No Denver. No Pacific Northwest. No Italy. Luke will be working in some kind of internship this summer -- TBD -- and, before that begins, he's headed to Italy with a buddy for a week or 10 days. So the family's big… Continue reading Another kind of vacation

The failing NYT

My kid, because he's a good kid and it probably didn't cost him much, slipped his old man a guest subscription to The New York Times a few months ago. He "gets the paper," as we used to say, in digital form, because he likes to cook -- the kid is different, in a very… Continue reading The failing NYT