Coming Out

The whole idea of needles, when you stop to think about it (which I'm already realizing is probably not something you want to do), is pretty medieval. Throw in the slightly kooky concept of vaccines -- which are often, but not always, an actual smidgen of the very sickness that you're trying to avoid --… Continue reading Coming Out

Optimism is Hard

The relentless question, even after the arguing and debating and philosophizing is all played out, lingers: Would you rather live your life willfully and happily discounting the anvils constantly dropping from the sky, or spend your days nervously looking for cover in the hopes of sidestepping a few of them as they inevitably fall? I… Continue reading Optimism is Hard

Catching up: Spring

In North Georgia, there's not a more glorious time of year than spring. Long-timers around here joke that it's the best 48-72 hours of the year. Spring hits hard here, sometimes it seems out of nowhere, pushing the gloom and chill of winter aside with the suddenness of a Northerner. The Georgia summer, of course,… Continue reading Catching up: Spring